Workforce Planning

O’Connell Advisory has assisted hospitals to prepare workforce plans that are aligned to the Clinical Service Planning projections and take into account the impact of proposed capital redevelopments and changes in the models of care.

We have the strong health experience and the clinical, consultation and modelling skills required to deliver a high quality workforce plan for your hospital.

Where a new or updated workforce plan is required to support a capital project business case, it is important that the workforce plan:

  • Is compliant with the Australian Workforce Planning Standard (AS 5620:2015)
  • Is aligned to the mix and volumes of patients projected in the Clinical Services Plan (CSP)
  • Reflects the models of care reflected in the planned redevelopment and required to achieve the Clinical Services Plans, such as a projected reductions in average length of stay or the movement to more day cases and ambulatory services
  • Is aligned to the timing and scope of the capital project
  • Is affordable, given the projected increase in NWAU.